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Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - A Concern That Is Growing

Hey all, I want to touch on a subject that we in the music world keep hearing about. Seems a large number of music venues in Arkansas are trimming back on live entertainment or deciding not to have entertainment at all.

Seems there are some companies that want to charge local music venues a hefty fee in order for them all to offer live music. We've even heard about music festivals having to pay this fee to 3 different companies.

This all sounds very mobster to me and other musicians in our state. Typically what this does is knocks a lot of working bands out of work because some venues are so hard hit with state and local taxes along with bills on top of that. This extra fee is just too much for their operation to offer live entertainment.

I'm all for people getting paid for their work or craft, but when it puts others out of work so they can benefit that is very unethical and counterproductive. It would seem these companies pull in a lot of revenue from music download outlets on the web, radio stations, retail music sales at brick n mortar locations all over the country.

Why are they focusing on venues that already pay way more taxes and fees to operate than any other business? Not to mention this really kills any kind of music scene or the next Van Halen or Kid Rock.  You know they started out in local music venues.

To me and a lot of bands, it would seem this needs to be addressed by some sort of legislation to remove venues and festivals from these types of fees or at least lower the fee schedule to something very affordable. This should not hinder growth, our country is already economical challenged because of bad politics from both sides of the aisle.

Let us not kill the local music and upcoming bands along with it. Musicians need places to perform to entertain music lovers and get good at their craft.

Thanks for reading this.
Come rock out with our band while you still can! :)

Monday, April 24, 2017 - Liquid Kitty Live at Thirst N Howl

That's right folks Liquid Kitty band is live again at Thirst N Howl in Little Rock, Arkansas this Friday, April 28th, 2017. Our band will start performing around 8 PM or really more like 8:30 PM, you know musician time.

That's because a musician is setting us up, we have to talk about music first. LOL!

Anyhow, this is going to be a great time. Our band has learned a bunch of fun dance music from the 80s and of course, we will play some awesome 80s rock n roll along with the dance stuff.

We are looking forward to playing Thirst N Howl again, it's really a nice venue. But, so you aren't caught off guard, they are charging a $5.00 cover at the door now. Hey, whatever helps them to keep the doors open, right?

Well, we hope to see all of our friends and fans this Friday night, so come ready to party. See you then!

Thursday, December 15, 2016 - Liquid Kitty Performs El Dorado Country Club, AR

Well, we just got the word that our band is playing a New Years Eve event for El Dorado Country Club in El Dorado Arkansas. We are really excited about this too.

At first, we were wondering if we would even have the opportunity to work on New Year's Eve since the economy has been so sluggish. Our band didn't have an event last year because the client backed out because of lack of funding. That was a big ouch for our band, we love to play on New Year's Eve. It is the complete highlight of the entire year.

What happened was a stroke of luck this year, one of our local band buddies booked an event earlier in the year so they had to turn the event down. The band's name is the Karla Case band that passed us this event. We love Karla and she is an awesome vocalist performer, if you have never seen her, you must do yourself a favor and get out to one of her shows. You'll love her too.

We'll be rehearsing this week and next week to get ready for this event. It should be a really good time and we hope to have a huge crowd. So if you live in El Dorado, Arkansas and you want to celebrate the New Year with us. Contact the El Dorado Country Club in El Dorado Arkansas.
Show times are 9:00 PM until 12:30 AM December 31st, 2016

Address: 101 Shady Side Street, El Dorado, AR 71730
Phone: (870) 862-5516

Thursday, November 24, 2016 - Passing of our friend Alan Hash - Tragikly White

The first time we ever met Alan Hash was during the early 1990s at a local venue called Nightlife when I and my brother Dave had a band called MUDD. Nightlife was a late night rock venue located at Asher and Unversity in little Rock , Arkansas. Alan was the lead guitar/sound man for his band called Miss Treater that was a five piece band formed in Arkadelphia , AR in late 1991.

This band played absolutely everywhere all over the United States, Alan Hash was a really hard working young man and so was his band. I remember every time Miss Treater played at this local venue because I made sure to always show up. One because my band wasn't playing and the another reason was they were a great band. The guys were always friendly and just down to earth. Especially Alan Hash, he loved to talk about music, equipment and sound mixing. He and I did a whole lot of that every time they played.

Alan and I became pretty good friends over the years and his band Miss Treater broke up, Alan went to work for UPS as a driver warehouse guy for a while but we always stayed in touch.

But music was not over for Alan, he joined up with a long time friend of mine Ricky Martin from the already established band Tragikly White as the new guitar player. Ricky Martin has always been a real talent even when he was a young kid. I can remember showing him how to play some stuff on the guitar and he picked it up really fast.

Ricky and my brother Dave played in a band called High Society together for a while as well. I kind of knew from the types of music Ricky Martin was performing at the time he was not going to be just some normal musician. I was right, he wasn't playing just classic rock. Ricky was playing dance music and some New Wave stuff, you know the music girls love to dance to.

Alan loved his new home with Tragikly White and every time I spoke with him he would just sound so pumped up about all the shows they were performing. Think I heard him say once this was the last band he ever wanted to be a part of.

Sadly this rang true for him on Monday, November 21st, 2016 when he was killed in a car accident traveling with his son.  His son received non-life threatening injuries, but Alan was killed in the accident.

Our band would like to express our thoughts and prayers to the members of Tragikly White and the family of Alan Hash.  We love you all and will be thinking about you often.

Wayne Willems - Liquid Kitty

Thursday, September 08, 2016 - Liquid Kitty Band at Thirst N Howl - Arkansas

Hey everyone just a quick post about our upcoming gig at Thirst N Howl in Little Rock, Arkansas on September 30th, 2016. We start at 9PM.

Our band performed here a few weeks ago and the crowd really loved us and we love them too. This is one of the coolest places to hear live music because it's really kind of a personal up close setting.

The in-house sound system is all Bose and sound absolutely amazing, we love to play this Arkansas venue. The owners are real nice down to earth people and the staff takes good care of everyone.

I should probably mention the food is really good too and there is no cover charge.

So if you get a chance come see our band at Thirst N Howl in Little Rock, Arkansas September 30th, 2016 at 9PM. Ask us to play your favorite song!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016 - Liquid Kitty Has Band Practice Ever Week

No matter if our band has a gig coming up or not, every week either on Tuesday or Thursday Liquid Kitty shows up to practice.

A lot of times we are brushing up on our current song list so we play the songs as best as we can. Then we also work on new songs we really want to play.

Even though all of us have been performing music for many years and are pretty good at our musicianship or craft. We do know the importance of band rehearsal, it makes you tight.

But sometimes we just want to jam on some really cool groove one of us will just start playing and that can last for a while. We absolutely love playing cover songs and getting together every week.

Our band has also been writing songs as well and we have been rehearsing them well. We've even performed a couple of them at a few local shows we've played. Folks seem to like them, so maybe we'll continue writing.

Oh, before I forget. Liquid Kitty has a show coming up September 2nd, 2016 at Thirst N Howl in Little Rock, AR. We start at 8:30PM. Google the place and hope to see you there!

Monday, March 07, 2016 - Band for hire in Arkansas

Liquid Kitty is always looking for venues and private events to perform at. Just today we have been calling local bars and night clubs all over central Arkansas looking for places for our band to perform.

It's not an easy job cold calling a bunch of places to ask them if they will hire your band. Guess, because there are tons of bands in Arkansas and only a choice few venues musicians like to perform. Our band calls everyone of the venues in Arkansas looking for places to book our band.

We really enjoy performing for private events such as weddings, company functions and festivals. We always have a blast no matter where we play music, but I guess everyone always has their favorite places to do that.

Weddings are fun and not real demanding like playing in local music venues and corporate events are kind of the same. Either way we love to perform anywhere possible.

Thanks for reading this.. More to come!

Please consider hiring Liquid Kitty for your next event.

Friday, March 04, 2016 - Liquid Kitty Band is a great choice for Arkansas weddings

We have been noticing it's really hard to find a band in Arkansas on Google search engine. When you type in search terms like "arkansas band" or "little rock band" and so on. The best thing you see is about Arkansas marching band and that wouldn't be much fun at a wedding. Well, that's what we think any way.

So, to gain popularity on Mister Google search engine, our band has decided we should start writting news (blogs) about Liquid Kitty. Hopeful more people will find our website when looking for a wedding band in Arkansas.

Liquid Kitty is a really great band and we just want people to see our website, watch our videos and view our song list to help them make a decision to hire our band for an event.

The music business is a lot of fun and performing at events is how we as a band survive. It really should be easier to be found on the internet, we see a lot of really good local Arkansas bands that also have websites are nowhere to be found on this major search engine.

So, from here on out we will start creating content to boost our web site and hopefully we will be seen by Arkansas people looking for a wedding band or just a good party band.

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